• Skip the daily commute, work from anywhere you have internet access;

  • Remote Access gives you the freedom and flexibility to finish off any extra work for the day or week from the comfort of your own home. Flexible work hours also allow you to organize your days and weeks around a schedule that is convenient for you. By efficiently managing your days, you will have more time to spend with your family and doing the things that you enjoy most in life. Spend a rainy Sunday afternoon working at home so you can enjoy a sunny Monday afternoon golfing. These are the types of luxuries that you can soon enjoy with Remote Access capabilities;

  • The technology required to offer Remote Access is a well trusted and reliable way to obtain any client information and/or documents in a secure manner. An Internet connection is all you need to begin using Remote Access for your work. We are positive that Remote Access can and will help you relax and relieve work related stress.

Thanks to our partnership with Kroll Ontrack, we can provide you with the best data recovery and destruction services available.

Hard Drives;
USB Flash Drives;
Memory Cards;
Tape Drives.

  • Qualified professionals with Business Degrees specializing in Management Systems;

  • Complete systems studies and recommendations ensure that you are fitted with the most suitable hardware and software before you buy;

  • We offer complete research and development feasibility studies;

  • In addition, we have the capability of conducting reports that look to improve upon the overall efficiency of your current IT system, and ultimately reduce unnecessary costs.

  • Technical support line;

  • On-site installation, configuration, assistance, and training;

  • Remote Assistance allows us to "Take Control" of your workstation and assist you remotely;

  • Associated with a major network of software support teams providing professional troubleshooting support across Canada and the United States;

  • ACCPAC, Adagio, Simply Accounting, Microsoft Office Suites, Virus Removal, and Browse Control;

  • VPN Client with Remote Access to Your Data with Local Printing;

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows Server 2003 - 2012;

  • Computer Repairs and Cleaning, with Spare Parts Inventory;

  • Site Planning, Preparation and Management;

  • Computer Data Communications Cabling;

  • System and Site Upgrades;

  • Preventative Maintenance Services;

  • Data Disaster Recovery;

  • Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Networks;

  • LAN, WAN Networks;

  • Satellite Highspeed Internet;

  • Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Hubs, Servers;

  • Computer Security, Monitoring Software, Security Cameras, Fingerprint security;

  • Remote support, Remote Offsite Backup & Verification Services;

  • Guaranteed One Hour Response Time.

  • Custom Designed Software that suits your needs exactly;

  • Experienced Programmers who will troubleshoot and develop in most languages: Access, Visual C++, SQL;

  • English written documentation for end-user support.

E-Commerce is now the portal for increasing business to business relationships and customer interaction with local and global companies. Our professional team of web developers know that an effective website is vital for clients and customers. The following is a list of technologies our developers can use for your next website or application:

  • Visual Basic;

  • C, C++, Java;

  • HTML;

  • CSS;

  • PHP;

  • Java Script;

  • VB Script;

  • VBA;

  • SQL.

  • Do you need to run Windows programming on you Mac or Ipad? No problem!
    Here at Kalax, we specialize in setting up Windows applications on Apple devices. This allows you to use Windows-based programs on your Mac seamlessly.

PC Security Cameras

A Security Camera is a relatively small investment in comparison to the potential benefits that it can offer, and we have options for every budget. Be proactive and invest in a cost effective security solution for your business.

Reasons for purchasing a Security/Surveillance System:

• Visual Deterrent Against Theft and Vandalism
• Video Evidence to Prosecute Criminal Activity
• Monitor Employees (Increase Productivity)

Camera Features Available:

• Indoor/Outdoor Models
• Day/Night Recording
• Pan/Tilt/Zoom Functions
• Motion Triggered Recording
• Audio Recording
• Video Monitoring By Web or Smartphone

Wireless Security

For many companies, security is of the utmost importance when setting up a wireless network.
At Kalax, we offer a number of products and services to help protect your wireless network.
From creating acceptable use policies for specifying what type of network activities are allowed
while blocking evasive, encrypted, and peer-to-peer applications, to having the ability to detect
and moderate the level of network access for each class of devices, our wireless security options can be customized to your exact business needs.

Network Security

A secure network for your business can ensure that your data remains safe. From antivirus and
antispyware measures, enhanced firewall features, sophisticated threat detection engines, and
secure remote access via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), your company will benefit from the
knowledge that you are protected against data theft.